The Site

As you've probably guessed, my name is Kevin Brink. I built this site for two reasons.

First, and primarily, I love Jesus. As I chase Him along this journey of life, He teaches me things, and I hope that this blog serves as both a record of what He's brought me through, and a tool for others to learn the lessons God's taught me. My greatest hope is that this site somehow introduces you to a little more of who God is, and brings you closer to Him. That would make it totally worth it.

The second reason is that I love technology, and programming, and this site gives me a fantastic excuse to play around with some website design and development technologies, and experiment with ideas.

The Person

I'm a Jesus freak, and a coder geek. In my spare time, I will nearly always be either playing a sport or a musical instrument, preferably alongside at least one of my many great friends. I also find "About me" sections very awkward to write.